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Pakistan Nature Photo Gallery

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Pakistan is a travelers dream come true.

       Pakistan is a country with a beautiful and varied landscape, From the awe inspiring Himalayan mountains of the north to the fertile plains of the punjab and the stark desert of Cholistan, Pakistan offers every kind of environment possible. It is a land of contrast of surprise a richly textured melting pot of diversity that leaves a vivd memory in the minds of every visitor, Pakistan is also a country with strong cultural traditions. Half a dozen civilizations have flourished here and left their imprints.

, Pakistan is one of the most ancient lands known to man. Its cities blossomed even before Babylon was built; its people practiced the art of good living and citizenship long before the celebrated ancient Greeks. The amazing history of Pakistan can be back to at least 250 BC when a highly developed civilization flourished in the Indus Valley Area. Excavations have brought to light evidence of an advanced civilization existing even in the most ancient times. Pakistan owes its many influences to the countless visitors to the region. Around 1500 BC, the Aryans came and influenced the Hindu civilization; later, the Persians occupied the Northern regions from the 60th century BC up to the 2nd century AD. The Greeks were also here, arriving in 327 BC with Alexander the Great of Macedonia.

       In 712 AD, the Arabs set foot in what is now Pakistan somewhere near modern Karachi and ruled the lower half of Pakistan for two hundred years. It was during this time that Islam took roots in the soil and influenced the life, culture and traditions of the people. 300 years later the Muslims from Central Asia arrived and ruled almost the whole Subcontinent up to the 18th century AD before the British arrived to take control.

       Modern day Pakistan is made up of four provinces; Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab and North West Frontier Province (NWFP). within these provinces are some of the most diverse areas in the world. From the ancient wonders found at Moenjodaro and Taxilla, seats of the ancient Indus Valley and Gandhara civilizations, to the northern mountain ranges of The Himalayas, The Hindukush and The Karakorams, a mountain area unrivaled anywhere in the world with such formidable peaks as K2, Turuchmir, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat; from the picturesque Swat Valley to the bustling cities of Karachi and Lahore; from the desolate barrenness of Baluchistan to the golden beaches of the Mekran Coast,
Pakistan is a travelers dream come true.


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